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Our goal is to keep our community members healthy and we offer classes and services to help give you the information you need to do so.

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The Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) is a tool that analyzes the health of a community, and identifies what resources are available for improving health. This assessment allows health related organizations to see how their services are impacting their community, as well as help identify areas of need. This CHNA is led by the Granite Falls Municipal Hospital and Manor (GFMHM) in collaboration with Stratis Health.

The recent enactment of the Health Care Reform Legislation (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) requires non-profit hospitals to complete a CHNA every three years and create an implementation plan to meet the identified community health needs as a condition of maintaining the hospital’s federal tax exemption.

A CHNA is a systematic collection and analysis of data (qualitative and quantitative) from reputable sources that leads to a plan on how to best address prioritized issues. This assessment is a tool that analyzes the health of the community, what resources are available to promote healthy living, and provide a tool that allows us to identify the critical needs of our community. The goal of this process is to have an assessment and community improvement plan that is an asset for the community. It will address major issues collectively, methodically and strategically.

The Granite Falls Municipal Hospital and Manor has chosen to conduct a CHNA, and will use the assessment as a planning tool to initiate strategic initiatives regarding services and support  for local organizations in order to meet the identified critical needs of citizens in our community.

In preparing this CHNA report, the hospital collaborated with the identified stakeholders throughout the community, and through a series of meetings, were able to provide feedback on how the Granite Falls Municipal Hospital and Manor could work collaboratively to improve the health of the community that it serves.

The following link will open up the report in its entirety.

Granite Falls Health Community Health Needs Assessment 2016

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