Swing Bed

Sometimes you may have a need to remain hospitalized beyond the acute stage of an illness, surgery, or injury. For instance, specific treatments such as physical or speech therapy may be needed. Our Swing Bed Program makes it possible for you to remain at the hospital for these support services until you are able to return home.

What is Swing Bed?
The term swing bed came from the idea that the patient will “swing”, or transition, from inpatient acute care through the program to return home to the same level of independence prior to entering the hospital.  Swing Bed allows physicians to swing the level of care from “acute” to “skilled rehabilitation.”

When is Swing Bed appropriate?
Often the swing bed is used for patients who have had surgery such as hip or other joint replacement. In addition to major surgery, a lengthy illness can also result in the need for swing bed care. A patient can transfer from a larger facility to swing bed or simply change rooms to receive swing bed care.

MEDICARE Benefits Eligibility Requirements:

• You are a Medicare recipient with skilled nursing facility benefits.

• You have had a qualifying 3-day hospital stay.

• You have a daily skilled need that can only be met by a registered nurse or therapist.

• Your physician certifies a need for continued skilled care.

Family Responsibility:1) Bring in 3 days change of clothing, properly labeled.

2) Notify pastor of admission, if desired.

3) Bring in personal care items (toothpaste, kleenex, razor, radio, books, magazines, crafts, etc.). Label all items.

4) Encourage family and friends to visit, call or write.

5) 1-3 days prior to discharge, call and arranged to meet with the Discharge Planner at 320-564-6237, to discuss community resources available to meet potential needs following discharge. Referrals can be arranged for the following support services:

• Dinner At Your Door

• Home Health Care

• Respite Care, Assisted Living, or Nursing Home Care

• Durable Medical Equipment

• Social Services

• Financial Management

• Mainstreet Messenger


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