Respite Care

Respite Short Term Care at the Granite Falls Hospital accommodates adults who may need temporary care.  Five levels of care are available, determined by individual’s needs.

This care option is for individuals who are recuperating from an illness or who are undergoing treatment that requires medical, nursing and/or personal care supervision for a limited period of time.  Family members who are caring for an elderly or invalid person in their home may utilize respite services during a vacation or holiday, personal illness or other situations that would temporarily disrupt the care given at home.

The length of stay may be as brief as 24 hours or as lengthy as 42 days.  Private or double room accommodation can be arranged depending upon bed space available at the time of admission.

Applicants for Respite Care are asked to furnish the hospital with the name of their attending physician and a recent physical history, chest x-ray, or mantoux.  Orders for medication, diet and activity level are then signed by the physician on admission.














The daily rate includes room, nursing care, meals and nourishments, laundry services and recreational activities.  Medications are to be provided by the individual but are administered by licensed nurses only. Therapy, lab, x-ray, beauty and barbershop services are available at extra cost.  Medicare and Medicaid will not cover Respite Care.  Private pay or, if eligible, alternative grant funding are sources of payment.  For more information contact Cindy Cross, RN at 320-564-6237.


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