Inpatient Care

We offer Plenty of TLC to help you recovery quickly. The compliment we hear most often at our hospital is about our caregivers. Our nurses, aides, assistants, technicians, imaging staff, dietitians, and even the maintenance crew will make you feel better about being there.

Comfortable, quiet, rooms
Our rooms are large enough for you and visitors and small enough to make you feel warm and comfortable. Local calls – dial 9 and then the number. For long distance callls, use collect or credit card features.

Safety first
Our staff has access to your records, right in your room. Medications, health history, allergies, treatment plans – we keep track of all of it.

Just visiting? We’re so glad to have you.
Recommended visiting hours are from 11 AM to 8 PM. Hospital doors are locked at 8:30 PM. If you need to get into the hospital after 8 PM, for a special situation, use the phone in the hospital entryway. You’ll be connected to the switchboard and someone will help you.

For the health of our patients, visitors and employees, all facilities and grounds are tobacco free.

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