Chemotherapy Infusion Services

Chemotherapy Infusion SuiteChemotherapy is one of the most pervasive treatments for cancer, and when coupled with local treatment options can provide patients with the relief of staying close to home when it matters most. We know it takes a great deal of courage to deal with a cancer diagnosis, especially when it involves lengthy and uncomfortable car rides, stressful travel arrangements, and being away from home for extended periods of time. The new Chemotherapy Infusion Service eliminates the need for long distance travel and provides an opportunity for more recovery time at home. This new service makes it easier to arrange rides and to have your support system in close proximity while you receive Chemotherapy Infusion treatment.

Led by Dr. Ewa Wysokinksa, supervising Oncologist from ACMC in Willmar, the new Chemotherapy Infusion Services offered at Granite Falls Municipal Hospital extend the high level of care you expect. RN’s with Oncology Nursing Society certification and training in chemotherapy and biotherapy will be on staff to administer treatment and provide specialized patient care.

chemo-brochure_web-graphicChemotherapy Infusion Suite

Chemotherapy Infusion uses a pump that gives medication through a vein or port over a period of time in order to stop cancer cells from multiplying and eliminate them. Chemotherapy Infusion can take up to several hours to administer, so we’ve designed the new Infusion Suite to provide the utmost in patient care and comfort. Blood work and lab appointments take place in the Infusion Suite, placing patients at ease as much as possible. Patients will have the option of state of the art treatment chairs that offer heat and massage, as well as personal televisions. Beverages and snacks will be available, and patients are encouraged to invite a companion to accompany them in the Infusion suite.

Patient access to healthcare in the Granite Falls area and throughout rural Minnesota is important to us, and the new Chemotherapy Infusion Service is another example of our longstanding commitment to listen to our community and provide superior patient-centered care.


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