Adaptive Experts

Adaptive Experts Available at Granite Falls Municipal Hospital

Was the last time you read a driver’s manual when you took your license test? Automobiles, roadways and safety procedures are constantly changing.  Adaptive Experts is the only MN company that provides a professional team of state licensed Occupational/Physical therapy practitioners with expertise as licensed driving instructors.  We can help you retain independence to stay on the road.

If you are a medically at-risk driver, you can improve skills and retain your license by working with driver rehabilitation specialists.  Driver Rehabilitation specialists may issue a limited license which allows the driver to participate in training.  We can consult with specialized dealers to facilitate the process of obtaining and successfully driving a modified vehicle, if needed.  We offer:

Driving Program Service(s)

●       Clinical Evaluation

●       Clinical Training

●       In-vehicle Evaluation & Training

Service(s) for Drivers of

●       Cars

●       Vans

Providing Service(s) to

●       New Drivers

●       Over 65

●       Use alternative transportation services

Our evaluation includes clinical pre-driver screening along with behind-the-wheel assessment and adaptive equipment recommendations.

Behind-the-wheel evaluation includes:

●       Vehicle entry/seating

●       Operation of secondary controls

●       Adaptive equipment, if needed

●       Vehicle operation

●       Knowledge of traffic rules

●       Judgement/Decision-making

●       Visual awareness, attention

●       Ability to safely negotiate typical traffic environments.

Our evaluation results are first discussed with our client, and then recommendations are sent to the client, their physician, and/or the referral source.  Comprehensive driving evaluation determines the ability to drive safely – our top priority. Contact:  Kelly Van Klompenburg OTR, LDI,  Phone: 320-564-6244

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