Manor Construction Update

October 12, 2015 by Deena
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The construction of the new Granite Manor is proceeding. Duinicks Inc. was there last Friday, Monday, and Tuesday working on blacktopping the parking areas and the ring road. This will add another dimension toward completion and is something we have been waiting for them to complete for some time. Inside in the building finishing touches are being put on. In many of the rooms, tile in the showers and grab bars are complete. The floor covering in the bathrooms is complete and the toilet fixtures are set. Things are beginning to take shape and look like the final product is relatively close to completion.

Snortum’s is doing a significant amount of landscaping at the project site. They have installed river rock, trees, and ornamental grasses in the space between the parking lot and Jordan Drive. They have installed bullet edging, landscape fabric and river rock around the entire building. They are planting another dozen trees around the site. They are doing some screening of the air conditioner on the front of the building with arborvitae and they are planting additional trees around the site and will begin seeding the disturbed soils and the entire site later in October.

Once all the necessary inspections are completed and we have obtained our Certificate of Occupancy, we will be planning an open house prior to moving the residents to the new facility.

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