Home for the Holidays, is it time for a change?

December 27, 2012 by Deena
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For many people the Holiday season is one of the few times during the year that adults and their loved ones spend time together.  The Holidays may be a time when families face and discuss the difficult decisions about finding care or a new living arrangement for their relative.  Could your loved one need additional help with daily living?  The following is a list of things to help you consider the need for possible changes to keep your loved one safe.


* Have medications been refilled on schedule, or have they been missing doctor appointments?

* Had a change in their eating habits within the last year, weight loss, no appetite, outdated food in the refrigerator?

* Has their personal hygiene changed, resulting in wearing dirty clothes, body odor, neglected nails and teeth?

* Their home isn’t as clean or is more cluttered then you remember growing up?

* Changed relationship habits, have friends and neighbors expressed concern about your loved one?

* Had physical problems such as burns or injury, resulting from general weakness, forgetfulness or possible misuse of medications?

* Stopped participating in activities they used to love such as playing cards, book club, dining with friends or going to church?

* Is there a pile of unopened mail, piling newspapers, are bills left unpaid?

* Sending money to every organization that sends out requests and entering an unusual amount of contests?

If you notice any of the above concerns or notice other changes and want to talk to someone about your loved one and see what options are available for home care or an alternative living situation, call Nancy at Granite Ridge Place  320-564-3382 or Jody at Granite Falls Home Care 320-564-6226



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