Granite Falls Municipal Hospital and Manor Introduces Dr. Thomas Chapa, M.D.

September 23, 2016 by Deena
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The Granite Falls Municipal Hospital & Manor is excited to announce the signing of Dr. Thomas Chapa. Dr. Chapa will be employed in the Emergency Department of the hospital, joining Fred Altamirano, PA-C, Heather Reeve, PA-C, Melissa Magstadt, C.N.P., and Holly York, C.N.P as the other Emergency Department providers.

In an interview, Dr. Chapa stated, “I am excited to have signed with the hospital and I look forward to continuing my role as an emergency department provider in facilitating the bridge between the clinic providers and hospital staff while meeting people’s acute care needs in the emergency room.”

Dr. Chapa grew up in Maryland, and attended his undergraduate school at the University of Virginia. After obtaining his Bachelor’s degree, he went to medical school at St. Andrews in Scotland as a fellowship and at the Medical College of Virginia.

Upon completion of medical school, Dr. Chapa finished his first residency in family practice at Mayo in Rochester, MN. Having an interest in international medicine, Dr. Chapa then moved to Saudi Arabia for three years in 1994 to practice family medicine at McDonnell Douglas and the U.S. Air Force base. He would ultimately move back to the United States for another residency in preventative medicine. This one would was completed John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD where he was at from 1997 – 1999.

After a stint consulting in the public health arena, Dr. Chapa started working at Mayo in Wabasha, MN in a family practice clinic. After three years in that setting, he transferred to Mayo in Rochester, MN where he would practice preventative medicine, emergency medicine, and family medicine.

Since 2007, Dr. Chapa has been an emergency room physician working for Acute Care, Inc., which would bring Dr. Chapa to Granite Falls, MN, as well as other locations. It was there that the Granite Falls Municipal Hospital & Manor would learn of Dr. Chapa’s skills, customer service, and focus on the quality of care with his patients.

Tom Kooiman, C.E.O., states, “We are excited that Dr. Chapa has decided to join our team. He has demonstrated a pattern of outstanding quality and customer service. Granite Falls Hospital and our community are very fortunate to have him as part of our team.”

Outside of working in the emergency room, Dr. Chapa enjoys running, most notably triathlons. Additionally, he has set a goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

As previously stated with the other new providers, Granite Falls Municipal Hospital & Manor will host an open house to introduce Dr. Chapa to the public with details being announced soon. Dr. Chapa is already employed and currently working in the emergency room.

Dr. Thomas Chapa, M.D.

Dr. Thomas Chapa, M.D.


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