Granite Falls Municipal Hospital and Manor partners with CrossChx to prevent medical identity theft

April 5, 2016 by Deena
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picture for crosschx articleGranite Falls Municipal Hospital and Manor is proud to announce our partnership with CrossChx, the leader in identity resolution for smarter healthcare. On February 12, 2016, CrossChx installed their SafeChx system, the standard for safe and reliable patient access at the Granite Falls Hospital reception area. Granite Falls Municipal Hospital and Manor is the first healthcare facility in Minnesota to implement the SafeChx system and the 509th across the country.

Identity theft continues to be one of the most discussed topics in the health care industry. Studies estimate that as of February 2015, more than 2.3 million people were victims of medical identity fraud. Medical identity theft is the misuse of a person’s medical identity information to wrongfully obtain health care goods, services or funds. The top uses of stolen medical data is to obtain medical treatments, services, medication, equipment and insurance or government benefits such as Medicare or Medicaid.

“Granite Falls Hospital and Manor is committed to keeping your medical identity and information safe. We have implemented this feature to aid in that process and add one more layer of protection for our patients,” states Kristin Wilke, Privacy Officer.

By using a fingerprint reader at a point of registration, SafeChx scans a patient’s finger and creates a unique identifier based on up to 70 minutia points. This unique ID is used to instantly verify a patient’s identity and link them to their medical record.

After securing a patient’s fingerprint, CrossChx employs BaseTen, a process that runs an identity against 25 million patient IDs every day to ensure the right person receives the right care.

In addition to streamlining the patient registration process, the SafeChx system protects against medical identity theft, reduces the risk of denied claims, and gives healthcare providers the ability to identify and prevent the creation of duplicate medical records.

Not only does SafeChx have a 95% patient acceptance rate, it’s also given to hospitals absolutely free, which includes the installation, setup, onsite training and ongoing support.

SafeChx is live in more than 500 locations and pairs with more than 30 different Electronic Health Record systems. Since 2012, SafeChx has protected more than 20 million patients across the United States and identified 2 million medical records with inaccurate information.



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