Dr. Kenneth Carter Awarded 7th Annual ACMC Physician Excellence Award

November 13, 2014 by Deena
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ACMC created this distinguished award to annually honor an outstanding physician for his or her leadership, innovation, clinical knowledge and dedication to our patients and the communities we serve. Nominees for this award are selected by their peers.  ACMC’s Board of Directors has the final selection based on the individual’s contributions and accomplishments.

“Dr. Carter is board certified in family medicine,” said Dr. Richard Wehseler. “He also has an additional certification in geriatric medicine.  He has used these skills to serve the patients in Granite Falls very well.”

Dr. Carter attended the University of Minnesota Medical School graduating in 1968.  He served his medicine internship at St. Mary’s Hospital.  His first practice was in Clinton, Minnesota.  Shortly thereafter he moved to Granite Falls in 1970.  He has served the Granite Falls community for the last 44 years providing excellent patient care and service.

He has been active in teaching University of Minnesota medical students.  In fact, several current ACMC physicians have been former students of Dr. Carter.  He has served as consulting staff at Project Turnabout in Granite Falls.  For the last half of his career, he has focused on using his geriatric certification to provide excellent care to the community’s elderly patients with a special focus on providing dignified, high quality care at the end of life.

Many sent letters of support on behalf of Dr. Ken Carter.  One quote from a nurse said, “Dr. Carter always encouraged us to do the right thing for the patient and to get it right the first time.”  She found that Dr. Carter applied this same principle to his own care and patient problem solving.  There were numerous staff comments and feedback regarding the care and dignity that Dr. Carter used for patients, especially late in their life. One letter specifically commented, “I have always been amazed and inspired by the love, respect and dignity that Dr. Carter showed to our patients.  It was clear that the patient’s best interest was the only interest to be considered.”

Dr. Wehseler commented about a patient who had moved to be near their family in New London.  It was a patient that Dr. Carter had cared for many years.  She was now enrolled in Hospice.  Dr. Wehseler learned that the patient and her family would regularly check-in with Dr. Carter.  These check ins were only partly related to her condition and medication management.  Mostly the family was checking in with Dr. Carter to provide follow up as a friend would do.  Indeed, so many of these patients had become his friends. Treating his patients as friends and family is a part of the professional care he provided to the community of Granite Falls.

ACMC also extended a thanks to Dr. Carter’s wife, Lorelei, for her role in providing service to the Granite Falls community, noting the sacrifices made by the spouses in a physician’s service to their community. He received a crystal statue and a donation to the charity of his choice.


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