Avera Marshall Enters Professional Services Agreement with Granite Falls Health

March 1, 2017 by Deena
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GRANITE FALLS, Minn. (Feb. 28, 2017) – Leaders from Granite Falls Health and Avera Marshall Regional Medical Center announce the approval of a professional services agreement (PSA) which will help people in the region continue to have access to local quality health care.

This partnership between Granite Falls Health Clinic and Avera Marshall will add to the thriving services already in place. Granite Falls Health currently has two providers, Vicky Moe, MD and Tamala Schmitz, NP-C. They will become employees of Avera Medical Group. A new clinic, now under construction, will also offer a wider range of outreach services from providers.  Granite Falls Health CEO Tom Kooiman said the partnership will keep the priority of locally available medical care as its mainstay.

“This formal partnership means people in our region will have greater access to services and we’re pleased with it, both with the construction of the clinic as well as with our relationship with Avera Marshall,” he said. “Granite Falls Health will continue to own the clinic. What this partnership does is bring us to the next level and allows us to provide a wide array of specialty outreach services, some of which have never been offered before in Granite Falls.”

Avera Marshall President & CEO Mary Maertens said the importance of local care is a key reason behind the new relationship. “As a health care system, Avera is keenly aware of the necessity for improving and expanding services especially to people in rural areas. We know that the stress of travel can lead to poorer outcomes in many situations,” said Maertens. “This agreement gives the people of the region many opportunities to get timely care from a wide range of medical professionals.”

LaVonne Koenen, who chairs the board of directors for the Granite Falls Health, said she sees the new agreement as a strong step toward keeping robust health care services available for the region.

“We’ve seen how many people depend on the clinic and what it provides, especially since it was opened in December – it’s been busy,” she said. “The partnership allows the city to maintain ownership of the clinic and also allows more people to receive the care they need without leaving the area. This will benefit not only our patients, but our community and its businesses as well. We are in for an exciting spring.”

The new clinic with outreach space will offer family practice, general surgery, orthopedics and podiatry care. Avera’s telemedicine service, Avera eCARE™ eEmergency is already in place in the hospital to give providers more resources in the face of emergency situations.

The clinic will open on Monday, April 3 and the public will be invited to a sneak peak of the new facility from 4-6 p.m. Wednesday, March 29 for a ribbon cutting and tours.


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